2 thoughts on “Kontakt

  1. For now, dear Lisa Carlehed, I am just leaving a message after having seen a movie with you this night as one of the protagonists. And the reason I want to give you this first feedback is, because I did not only recognize an amazing actrice by your work but also received a strong confirmation for my own ambition as an author and director that is refering to what I consider to be human in a time that apparently more and more makes vanish humanity from the face of this planet (while some of “us” still are being aware of this process). I will make me noticeable again as soon as some actual decisions will have been made concerning stage and film. Until then I wish you all fulfillment possible – and I thank you again for having had the chance of noticing you so far.

    Herzliche Grüße aus Berlin
    Wolfgang Sichert

    My website is not up to date at all and I am telling you this because I don’t where the data coming a long with this will end up.

  2. Hej Lisa
    Jeg søger en svensk speaker til noget reklamefilm.
    Har du nogle svenske stemmeprøver du kan sende mig?
    På forhånd tak

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